Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell prints ?
A: Yes, please see the prints section or contact me directly.

Q: How much are your prints ?
A: Please check out the prints section where the prices for 3 popular print sizes are listed along with info on how to order.

Q: Can you supply digital files ?
A: Yes, I can license ditigal files. I can supply both low and high resolution files. I can only license low-res files to individuals for personal website usage. For business or editorial usage please contact me directly.

Q: Can I be your photo assistant ?
A: Have you seen my bank account!!Commissions from top travel magazines are extremely difficult to get. Most of these features were shot on spec.That means I have to pay upfront and travel for long periods in hostels and even homestays. It is not as glamorous as you'd imagine.

Q: Do you have photos of South Africa ?
A: No, please check out my stock and country page which has a list of the countries I've been to. I've been to a lot more countries than it would seem from my portfolio. I'm uploading images as fast as I can. However, I plan to go to South Africa some day. If you are the PR agent for South Africa tourism, or any tourism board PR person please contact me! I'd especially like to visit Bhutan, Mongolia, and Mali!!

Q: Is that the Dalai Lama on the opening page, where is the photo in your website, and can I buy a print ?
A: Yes, it's the Dalai Lama. The photo was taken when he was visiting Hiroshima, Japan. The image is Hiroshima 188.jpg and can be found in my features / Asia section Hiroshima part 4 and yes, you can buy this image.

Q: What's your favourite country ?
A: I often get asked this question, way before this website went live, so it's appropriate it's found a home on this FAQ page. The more complicated answer is I always seem to find something to like in all the places I've been to. Although it's hard to be positive about my time in El Salvador, when we weren't allowed to venture outside of San Salvador's main bus station.But that's another story.But the simple answer to this question is India. The people, colours and culture make it a photographers' dream, plus I met my wife there. I'd love to go back soon. The last time I was there, I was doing a feature on 24hours in the life of Victoria Terminus (VT) in Bombay. Both the train station and city have now changed names. I was awake for almost, (I managed to get a just a few hours sleep in the small hours),the entire 24hours stretch and was exhausted which led to me getting sick. I flew out to Bangkok where I was hospitalized for ten days with pneumonia. However, while on the way by taxi to Bombay Airport, I was sat exhausted and alone on the back seat and while we stopped at red lights, a child begging tapped on the window. We quickly sped off but despite being sick I managed to grab a photograph.This was the last photograph I took in India and it was used as a full front cover spread in the Escape magazine, the travel section of the Observer newspaper. Ironically after ten visits to India my last photo in the country was regarded as the best I took. Well you're only as good as your last, but working photographers know the best picture they take will be tomorrow.